Who we support

Over 200 major brands and publications globally enjoy our flexible model and world-class service.

Brands and retailers

Deliver your marketing imagery and ad content at higher quality and faster to market.

With expert retouching, design, and creative teams, VMG enables your in-house creative services team to deliver higher volume imagery and design, faster and under budget, with no compromise on quality. 


Reach audiences in print, digital, and social with the firepower and expertise of an industry leading publishing services partner. 

With one of the most diversely-experienced publishing-services teams in the industry, we deliver an outsourcing solution that helps you accomplish your cost-savings and growth goals for your print, digital and social channels.

Studios and agencies

Enhance your photo post-production with ultra high-end color and complex retouching, at a fraction of the cost.

Our best-in-class retouching teams eliminate your need for overstaffing or hiring costly freelance teams, helping you to reduce yours costs and increase output.


Having worked with some of the most prestigious brands, publications and agencies around the world, we know what works.