Case Study: Luxury Fashion Brand saves big with VMG’s Imaging resourcing.

This high-end fashion brand turned to VMG to provide significant savings and maintain their high level of quality, resulting in $550k/yr savings and faster speed to market.
Full-time retouchers
$ 0 K
Savings in imaging costs
$ 0 K
Savings in marketing costs

The goal.

Consolidating all masking work to achieve greater efficiencies and higher quality for the brand’s core retouching work.

After the success of shifting the namesake brand’s workflows to VMG, marketing shoots and secondary brand retouching was also put in the hands of VMG, to save on in-house and freelance overheads.

The challenge.

The brand’s growth would require expanding in-house staff and/or freelance support.

The company turned to VMG to provide significant savings and maintaining their high level of quality.

The VMG team was split between day and night shifts in order to have live email communication on urgent daytime requests, with a night shift handling bulk volumes for the following morning. 

The results.

VMG Premedia is currently saving this global brand $350k/yr for a team of 7 full-time retouchers who handle the daily ecom workflow.

We also provide faster speed to market with day and night shifts, which wouldn’t be possible using a local team. Another $200k is saved annually on secondary brands and marketing shoots. 

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